With an incredible passion for design, engineering, and research in hydraulic technology, CPS GROUP is moving forward the boundaries of the knuckle boom industry into new heights.

CPS GROUP offers three brands that focus on different industry sectors.

COPMA develops a comprehensive range of lifting equipment for trucks, with lifting capacity ranging from 3 to 350 Ton,  in three categories (ESSENTIAL, HIGH-POWER and TOP RANGE): novice users and less-developed markets, models with balanced hydraulics and electronics, and a cutting-edge range of self-adjusting cranes which actually do most of the work – a little like driving a car on autopilot.

PESCI cranes are designed for the marine industry and other special applications, and can withstand the harsh and unstable conditions involved in working on vessels, oil rigs and offshore; the cranes have the ability to continuously recalculate and adjust themselves accordingly. PESCI also produces cranes for indoor use – for lifting heavy factory machinery for example – and for other special situations.
CPS manufactures a range of loaders for forestry, scrap and recycling applications, and around 25 diverse hook lifts lifting systems.

CPS GROUP has now a strong product portfolio from truck equipment to reliable Marine Cranes; operating in mature markets with experienced crane operators, who are continually upgrading their capability and capacity, and in less developed markets such as North Africa, where the focus is on lower-cost, user-friendly machinery with fewer electronics. 

Our customer sectors include the transport and construction industries, the environmental sector – recycling, forestry and mining, the marine and offshore market, general industry, and the military and defense sectors.

With established historic headquarters in Castel Bolognese in northeastern Italy, the CPS GROUP’s roots date back to 1860 when PESCI was founded at the start of industrialization in Italy. COPMA was established in 1947. The two companies were merged together with CPS into CPS GROUP in 2013. With an incredible history in engineering, CPS GROUP's newest venture into integrated manufacturing means improving on a new flexible approach to address the needs of the market in a way that other brands struggle to achieve.

R&D is also very important for us, as we are closely connected with Bologna University and its deep research in mechanical engineering and hydraulic technology, driving innovation in mechanics, hydraulics, and automation. CPS GROUP's research focuses on materials and hydraulic expertise, enabling the teams to create high-performing and reliable
lifting equipment.

By 2021 the company is aiming for a 35% increase on last year's revenue. The global economic landscape has changed recently – imports and exports to and from China and the US are declining, and no one is yet clear what the result will be. With a growing demand for our equipment, we are competing with other suppliers and crane manufacturer with a more dynamic and integrated collaboration with our local and international partners.

"Operators know that with our tools, they are purchasing much more than just lifting tools; they are buying a piece of history and a passion for engineering.” 

Nicola Montuschi, CPS GROUP.