CPS GROUP is the synergy of power and technology, for advancing the research in material quality, manufacturing, hydraulic design and reliable electronic systems for more safety, operator friendliness and operational stability in every condition. We focus on the operators and their necessities for providing the most comprehensive, reliable, strong and safe lifting equipment on the work field. Starting with the highest quality steel and cutting edge manufacturing and Italian design and engineering, we are organizing here our broad portfolio of products and application for your acknowledgment.


CPS GROUP is a global industrial conglomerate originated in Italy from the synergy of many companies operating in the iron and steel business.
Powerful synergies of enterprises joined together as CPS GROUP for engineering, design and advanced manufacturing the edge in power and technology in a variety of sectors.


CPS STEEL is a leading industrial enterprise in advanced steel fabrication.
As the primary core-sector,  it defines the quality and superior performance of CPS GROUP lifting solutions. Beyond the premier sector of lifting equipment, CPS STEEL operates in producing parts for heavy machinery, earth-moving equipment, drilling equipment, aerial platforms, and road machinery equipment.


CPS describes a unique degree of operational capacity and efficiency.
An outstanding tool which is becoming a milestone worldwide for heavy duty lifting systems built to last and empower your truck like no other product.
Experience a stronger power with CPS in the forestry, tree cutting, tree service, logging, scrap, timber, container handling, and comprehensive solutions for the entire environmental sector.


COPMA knuckle boom cranes have a strong dynamic, and flexible engineering built for heavy duty to serve the needs of the toughest markets and the most demanding operators. A competitive masterpiece of truck lifting equipment, built for heavy duty and performance without any limits and compromises.


PESCI means durability in a variety of special and particular lifting applications, combining experience in advanced hydraulics, engineering, and mechanical application, PESCI knuckle boom cranes represents a synonymous of superior quality since the beginning of truck mounted equipment.


PESCI MARINE are powerful and technologically advanced off-shore graded knuckle boom cranes for safer marine applications. Designed for lifting ocean containers, developing the strongest lifting range for flexibility, operational strength and reliability, PESCI MARINE cranes are 100% hydraulic and upgradable with dedicated electronic stability systems for ensuring the best synergy of power and technology in the marine sector.