CPS GROUP is a global industrial conglomerate originated in Italy from the synergy of many companies operating in the iron and steel business applied to heavy equipment for lifting applications. The highest technological advancements in steel fabrication, engineering and the passion for research and experimentation together with the most durable materials and electronic systems have sharply improved the lifting performance, the speed, the capacity and the flexibility of CPS GROUP lifting solutions.




With a lifting capacity ranging from 3 tons to over 350 tons meters, CPS GROUP represents a prime choice for operators in a variety of sectors. We are a global group, worldwide suppliers and heavy equipment manufacturers for over 60 years in construction, transportation, scrap and recycling, forestry, marine and military sectors.

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We engineer and build our lifting solutions in Castel Bolognese, Italy, but we sell them worldwide through a network of dealers and distributors. In 1860 we started a path to excellence and quality with PESCI , combining experience in metal works with industrial vision, and after the ’50s our presence in the Italian market expanded with COPMA, a major manufacturer of powerful knuckle booms which became rapidly globally recognized for their reliability and capabilities. Our world expansion began in the late ’70s thanks to increased material performance, research-engineering, mechanical know-how in specialized applications and short-boom powerlifting for industrial applications.


We are designing our equipment for operators, builders, drivers, loggers, and mariners. Our portfolio of products embrace the integration of hydraulic technology and performance in all the spectrum of applications, follow CPS GROUP around the world and meet us at the closest exhibition and event near you.

CPS GROUP World Of Concrete 2023

CPS Group at World of Concrete 2023: A Successful Show       The World of Concrete 2023 was a fantastic event for CPS Group as we had the most popular models in the concrete sector. CPS Group was proud to see the presence of some new faces and some old operators who dropped by

COPMA Bauma 2022

BIG NEWS   In the past weeks, our talented partner Noyenz work on two amazing builds a COPMA 1400.9J6 and COPMA 228 HP.   These extraordinary builds were displayed in BAUMA 2022 33 Edition of the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Mining Machines, Construction Vehicles, and Construction Equipment.   COPMA

Why Knuckle Boom Cranes Are Perfect For Tree Care

COPMA cranes are ideal work tools for those who work in the Tree Care Sector and are interested in bringing it to the next level. Safety and comfort are one of COPMA features giving the operator the control of cutting and having full control of the crane booms. Hydraulic cranes with articulated booms can help

COPMA/CPS Unique Built

COPMA engineering team designed a one-of-a-kind set up as requested by a customer. We have a CPS hook lift mounted on the back of the bed, and a COPMA 60 crane mounted at the side. This setup allows the operator to utilize the boom for multiple applications. The operator can unload the payload with ease