CPS GROUP is a global industrial conglomerate originated in Italy from the synergy of many companies operating in the iron and steel business applied to heavy equipment for lifting applications. The highest technological advancements in steel fabrication, engineering and the passion for research and experimentation together with the most durable materials and electronic systems have sharply improved the lifting performance, the speed, the capacity and the flexibility of CPS GROUP lifting solutions.




With a lifting capacity ranging from 3 tons to over 350 tons meters, CPS GROUP represents a prime choice for operators in a variety of sectors. We are a global group, worldwide suppliers and heavy equipment manufacturers for over 60 years in construction, transportation, scrap and recycling, forestry, marine and military sectors.

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We engineer and build our lifting solutions in Castel Bolognese, Italy, but we sell them worldwide through a network of dealers and distributors. In 1860 we started a path to excellence and quality with PESCI , combining experience in metal works with industrial vision, and after the ’50s our presence in the Italian market expanded with COPMA, a major manufacturer of powerful knuckle booms which became rapidly globally recognized for their reliability and capabilities. Our world expansion began in the late ’70s thanks to increased material performance, research-engineering, mechanical know-how in specialized applications and short-boom powerlifting for industrial applications.


We are designing our equipment for operators, builders, drivers, loggers, and mariners. Our portfolio of products embrace the integration of hydraulic technology and performance in all the spectrum of applications, follow CPS GROUP around the world and meet us at the closest exhibition and event near you.

Enhance Tactical Operations with CPS CHS 21 Military Hooklift

CPS CHS 21 Military Hooklift The CPS CHS 21 Military Hooklift is a state-of-the-art piece of equipment designed to revolutionize military operations. This innovative hooklift enables personnel to perform loading and unloading tasks directly from the safety of the truck cabin, ensuring maximum safety and operational efficiency. Currently deployed in various scenarios, the CPS CHS

COPMA 450.6 Crane’s First Sale and Installation in Romania with LIFT TRUCK UTILAJE

In a significant stride towards expanding its global presence, CPS GROUP is thrilled to announce the successful sale and installation of the COPMA 450.6 crane on a 3-axle tractor Renault in Bucharest, Romania. This marks the first collaborative venture with our new partner, LIFT TRUCK UTILAJE , a leader in the provision of lifting equipment

CPS GROUP – phishing attacks

We have been dealing in the last few months with Phishing Attacks from web domains NOT related to our company, which are mimicking our internal email addresses. We are taking measures to eliminate these third-party domains, but the first step is being preventative, our official communications are from www.cps-group.com, please refer to your sales agents


CPS GROUP has opened its doors to the brilliant minds of Class 4 AEN, specializing in mechanical energy at the State Industrial Technical Institute I.T.I.S. “Nullo Bandini” in Ravenna, Italy, creating an atmosphere of excitement and inspiration. The encounter with CPS GROUP was not a mere tour but a complete immersion into the captivating potential

CPS GROUP at GIS EXPO 2023 presenting COPMA 1000

CPS Group at GIS EXPO 2023: Presented the new model COPMA 1000!   In the world of heavy lifting and material handling, innovation is the key to achieving greater efficiency, safety, and productivity. The COPMA 1000, the latest 100-ton/metric ton (Mt) knuckle boom crane, has emerged as a game-changer for operators looking for the perfect