COPMA 450.6 Crane’s First Sale and Installation in Romania with LIFT TRUCK UTILAJE

In a significant stride towards expanding its global presence, CPS GROUP is thrilled to announce the successful sale and installation of the COPMA 450.6 crane on a 3-axle tractor Renault in Bucharest, Romania. This marks the first collaborative venture with our new partner, LIFT TRUCK UTILAJE , a leader in the provision of lifting equipment and solutions in Romania.

The COPMA 450.6 crane, renowned for its robust performance and versatility, has made its grand entry into the Romanian-Eastern Europe market. Mounted on a sturdy 3-axle Renault tractor, this crane is not just a piece of machinery but a symbol of engineering excellence and innovation. The crane's remarkable lifting capacity and precision make it a standout choice for a wide range of lifting operations, proving that it is indeed “a crane that can be seen.”

This milestone is not just about the introduction of a high-capacity crane into a new market; it's about the collaboration and trust between CPS GROUP and LIFT TRUCK UTILAJE. Our partnership is built on a mutual commitment to delivering exceptional quality and service. The LIFT TRUCK team's expertise and dedication have been instrumental in the seamless sale and installation process of the COPMA 450.6, ensuring that our shared goals for quality and customer satisfaction are met.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the entire LIFT TRUCK UTILAJE team for their hard work and dedication. This first project marks the beginning of a promising journey together, as we aim to redefine the standards of lifting solutions in Romania and beyond. The successful installation of the COPMA 450.6 is a testament to what we can achieve together, and we look forward to the many more milestones we will reach as partners.

As CPS GROUP continues to grow and expand its presence worldwide, partnerships like the one with LIFT TRUCK UTILAJE are invaluable.

They not only help us reach new markets but also allow us to learn and grow together, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of lifting technology and solutions.

Here's to many more successful projects and to a future where our joint efforts continue to lift standards, literally and figuratively, across the globe.