CPS GROUP is a global enterprise in the world markets with an extensive network of dealers and distributors in over 90 countries.
The entire portfolio of products is distributed worldwide with efficiency, celerity, accuracy, and loyalty with a direct approach with our partners for international shipping. CPS GROUP shipping leverage sits in the constancy, history and long-term relationship with our distribution channels over decades of regular and consistent freight transport, marine shipments, container freights, national and international transports and expedited spare parts deliveries.

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Our logistics team is delivering heavy-duty equipment, parts, and components worldwide since the 1970s with exceptional know-how, commitment and an extraordinary network of logistic partners and international shipping relationships. CPS GROUP can provide national and global coverage by land, ocean or air a rapid service around the globe from our factories in Italy to their final destination in a safe and timely manner.

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CPS GROUP delivers large shipments globally thanks to our connections with ocean freight companies in a cost-effective procedure. Our shipping services are specifically designed to meet the highest special equipment requirements and all the shipping needs of our partners.

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CPS GROUP logistic solutions provide fast air freight shipments of all sizes if rush and promptness is our partner concern we can organize celerity deliveries of components and replacement parts within the security of the most trustworthy international air freight providers.

CPSGROUP airfreight


CPS GROUP fully supports land shipment and trucking facilities able to provide inland transportation to almost any destination within EMEA, APAC, and AMERICAS.

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CPS GROUP fully supports brokerage services for customs clearance, eliminating unnecessary downtime and setbacks.

CPSGROUP custom brokerage