CPS GROUP has opened its doors to the brilliant minds of Class 4 AEN, specializing in mechanical energy at the State Industrial Technical Institute I.T.I.S. "Nullo Bandini" in Ravenna, Italy, creating an atmosphere of excitement and inspiration. The encounter with CPS GROUP was not a mere tour but a complete immersion into the captivating potential of the Italian mechatronics industry. Students were transported into the heart of the production and transformation process, invited to explore the endless possibilities offered by 3D modeling, load simulations, and advanced manufacturing with laser and oxy-cutting machines. CPS GROUP, a significant player in the global mechatronics landscape, has distinguished itself with its lifting machines, merging technology and innovation in a unique blend. Once again, Confindustria Romagna has recognized the company as a beacon of excellence in promoting STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), aligning forces with ITIS in a collaboration based on shared values: excellence, a passion for learning, practical application in the field, and a fervent desire to inspire the new generations to generate innovation. The choice of CPS GROUP as an integral part of the "Premio Guidarello" is a testament to its significant contribution to the evolution of the technological sector in Italy. The company stands out for its youthful leadership, capable of implementing innovative solutions and passionately dedicating itself to shaping the future of Italian mechatronics, surpassing conventional patterns. CPS GROUP consistently pushes the boundaries of design and production, seeking innovative solutions to enhance the performance and reliability of its products, ranging from truck cranes to marine cranes, from forest loaders to scrap and container handlers, designed for civilian and defense purposes. The winners of the "Premio Guidarello" will have the honor of receiving the prestigious recognition from Confindustria Romagna, a moment symbolizing the passing of the torch to the new generations. These young pioneers, approaching the world of Italian industry with bold and visionary spirit, will be encouraged to follow the path of innovation and excellence, the eternal pillars of Italian industrial progress. CPS GROUP emerges as a beacon of positivity in the Italian technological landscape, and its selection as a fundamental element of the "Premio Guidarello" along with the visit of ITIS "Nullo Bandini" in Ravenna, underscores the crucial role of the company in inspiring and supporting the next generation of innovators in the fields of science and technology. In CPS GROUP, we witness a living testament every day to the passion for excellence and dedication to shaping the future. Congratulations to the winners of the "Premio Guidarello," and heartfelt thanks to CPS GROUP for their steadfast commitment to leading the way toward innovation in Italy!