Military and defense manufacturers are in need of high quality and heavy duty reliable equipment. By partnering with a stable supplier with a government relationship able to stretch lead-time and ensure the highest continuous quality, manufacturers in the military and defense sector are working with CPS STEEL factories for supply military grade metal fabrications for


CPS STEEL manufactures high-quality metal components and welded assemblies for material handling equipment OEMs. Thanks to our experience and know-how, and value-added capabilities for the material handling industry, CPS STEEL can supply a broad spectrum of components efficiently and cost-effective, while reducing supply-chain risks.


CPS STEEL is a manufacturer of metal components for railroad equipment manufacturers. Thanks to the established relationship of strategic outsourcing, and the experience in heavy weld fabrications, the competitiveness is supported by high-quality components and cost-effective processes.


Manufacturers in the Agricultural and Forestry equipment are pushed by continuous innovation in material quality, steel performance, and most stringent demands. As the demand is increasing, as well as the need for timber construction material, the industry is requiring highest levels of productivity, efficiency, and technology with top material standards for safety. With short lead-time,