Waste and recycling companies are directly involved in heavy lifting and competitive transportation services where time, speed, reliability and efficiency are the keys for advancements and achievements.


CPS Hook Lifts, together with CPS FS Z lifting solutions, represent a comprehensive solution for environmental and construction waste management. Useful for loading dump materials, transport construction waste, change bodies and function well in a variety of applications.


CPS Hook Lifts are built tough for being used for transport containers in a variety of segments. The highest quality of steel together with the security and safety of CPS reliability and hydraulic power, are suggesting their use as a fast flexible tool for fast load-unload cycles and high performance in every condition.


CPS FS Z loader cranes are flexible and powerful machines for a broad variety of agricultural applications. From lifting logs, supply and agriculture equipment, they can perform as every day lifter for trees and plants plant nurseries or simply for transport loads with a tractor. The flexibility of these cranes sits in the possibility of