PESCI MARINE cranes designed to tackle a wide range of conditions, over 100 years of experience has given the capabilities of design for the toughest loading applications from military use to heavy loading. Loading cargos and wights from deck to vessel and from vessel to vessel are just few of the applications that can be


PESCI MARINE knuckle boom cranes are built tough to resist to the corrosion and the hardest marine environment. As a strong, secure and reliable choice, they can be mounted on heli-decks, platforms, and nacelles of wind generating implants, with the safety of the newest marine requirements and the adaptability to an evolving marine working environment.


PESCI MARINE knuckle booms are perfect for off shore applications, these powerful crabs are a flexible solution for cargo, equipment handling and other tipe of off shore operations like oil rigs, drilling platforms, gas platforms and energy production. Thanks to the high flexibility of PESCI MARINE know-how, these are build for following offshore regulations and


PESCI MARINE particular crane geometry and its special tight design, together with the exceptional operational capacity of foldable knuckle boom cranes, can be comfortably mounted on any vessel type. Specifically engineered for a tight space operational environment, PESCI MARINE cranes can operate on service vessels, workboats, cruise vessels, ocean liners and tankers for loading and