PESCI means competitive lifting solutions while the benefits of a superior lifting capacity set the highest standards for their category. Easy to use, reliability, superior capacity and more flexible design for meeting the needs of municipal truck fleets are describing PESCI knuckle booms as the top portfolio of truck loader cranes and a secure choice


PESCI knuckle booms are made for succeed in locations where other cranes can’t. Thanks to the reduced footprint, which is a fraction of the size of most cranes, PESCI is ideal for loading, lifting and handling tasks in special environments like nuclear plants. The advantages of flexibility, optimization of the loads, superior lifting rations and


PESCI knuckle booms are designed for serving the maximum operativity and the special needs of road utility services with the T models. Unlike other brands, PESCI guarantee the maximum lifting capacity for a simplified T model while offering the top functionality, rotation, booming load capacity and faster load-unload cycles.


The superior lifting capacity of PESCI cranes and the easy to use configuration, such as the hydraulic power of special models like SPE and SC, suggests the use of PESCI equipment for complex lifting services where is required a maximum strength and the space is limited for standard knuckle booms. PESCI allow to work in