Concrete House putting in action a COPMA 530 crane. This model is becoming a popular choice in the concrete sector. The optional attachments at the jib give the operator the ability to lift panels in complex zones. This setup was done by NOYENS with many years of experience.

Why Knuckle Boom Cranes Are Perfect For Tree Care

COPMA cranes are ideal work tools for those who work in the Tree Care Sector and are interested in bringing it to the next level. Safety and comfort are one of COPMA features giving the operator the control of cutting and having full control of the crane booms. Hydraulic cranes with articulated booms can help


COPMA 300 can be mounted on industrial vehicles, heavy-duty vehicles, and pick-up trucks. These rear-mounted knuckle booms can be fully hydraulic and equipped with secondary booms, jibs.

COPMA/CPS Unique Built

COPMA engineering team designed a one-of-a-kind set up as requested by a customer. We have a CPS hook lift mounted on the back of the bed, and a COPMA 60 crane mounted at the side. This setup allows the operator to utilize the boom for multiple applications. The operator can unload the payload with ease