COPMA 450/650 GRAPPLESAW CRANE   Over 50 years COPMA passion for knuckle booms has developed a profound focus on details and durability while expressing the optimal weight-power ratio for all the range of loader cranes.


The engineering team is guided by research and experimentation of materials that help COPMA develop superior quality cranes, together with our dealer's network and operators' feedbacks, COPMA is now building the ultimate solutions for the tree-care industry with knuckle boom cranes specifically designed to carry own the latest grapple saws attachments. COPMA new 450/650 GRAPPLESAW crane truck have 6 extensions on the main boom and 4 hydraulic extensions on the jib plus a manual extension with a vertical reach of 100 feet, with specific valves that enable the full maneuverability of the grapple saw at the same time as the full operativity of the crane, these units have proved their superiority in the field with for durability, capability, and no-overheating even under endurance and constant hours of work.


COPMA features continuous rotation slewing in a fully hydraulic crane but is well available as TOP RANGE with the optional stability and performance features to boost their safety and workability. One of many demanding applications for knuckle boom is Tree Cutting Service, for this growing service, COPMA performance leads for its faster speed, eminent loads, and precision while guaranteeing the most competitive approach in its category. Superior technological dynamic engineering, to perform in fully hydraulic configurations as well as the most reliable stability control system which provides top security for operators, is once again pushing the popularity of COPMA 450-650 models for tree cutting operations and the entire environmental management sector. In this sector,  very dependable on extreme weather conditions and risk situations,  it's important to have the most control possible yet the fastest response time to set up the job site. COPMA is extremely useful where the job sites are very limited with space, some examples are streets, driveways, pathways, and gardens. To summarize, COPMA is great for city fleets where there is not that much space between properties and houses and where the time forces operator to work fast.


COPMA compact design allows cranes to have the capacity to lift heavier loads than other equipment in their size category. The articulated design allows to operate in low clearance locations, requires less vertical clearance to load and unload, so operators can easily work on the attachments on the truck bed or on the ground, close to the truck or cabin. COPMA knuckle boom cranes can be equipped with hooks, winches, and baskets, grapple saws, which is the best flexible tool for the service and Forestry Sector.  

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