COPMA 1400 TOP RANGE, a new revolutionary crane able to develop a maximum lifting capacity of 140 Tons.

COPMA 1400 is equipped with the highest standard and optional equipment, which includes Rodlinks on both arms, new special sequences for cylinder extensions, hose tracks inside the outriggers, JIB for base versions, customizable subframes, diagonal stabilizing solutions, extended hose tracks, and many other key features to allow operators to push forward the limits of this incredible crane. Its superior technology starts with a double bim stabilizing system holding its hoses inside the crossbeams, high-end components like steel wear pads, bronze registers, automatic lock valves for crossbeams, a bold statement for the new generation of COPMA TOP RANGE specifically designed for operators, reducing the need to run collateral operations on the crane.


The movements of the COPMA 1400 model are more accurate and gradual, enabling the best positioning of the carrier vehicle even when located near obstacles such as sidewalks and others. Endless rotation is achieved with the support of two motors and a hydraulic system that allows for optimization to remove any clearance. COPMA 1400 is a heavy-duty TOP RANGE model with an easy-to-use approach that characterizes COPMA innovation and research.

The articulation of COPMA 1400 is derived from larger size units, impressive double link rods, and double cylinders on both the articulation points, allowing this crane to outperform the competition with less body weight and more usable powerlifting.


COPMA knuckle boom cranes are made tough, thanks to the highest graded steel, CPS GROUP has developed innovative octagonal-shaped sections minimizing the weakness of the extension, the weights of the arms and dramatically improving the capacity to resist torsion and higher speed in loading-unloading cycles.

Discover the lightest, strongest, and most powerful 140 Ton range crane, an undefeated power-weight ratio able to boost the operator’s productivity like never before.



Discover COPMA 1400 model