Over decades, COPMA has provided support for troops in every part of the world due to its know-how, hydraulic capability, and unrivaled strength when it comes to heavy equipment. With their superior lifting capacities and highest levels of reliability, COPMA cranes are the ideal choice for handling military loads and in use in defense applications. Some of these applications are available for use on all-terrain chassis, making them ideal for both off-roading and highway driving. Military cranes operate in a harsh environment, in which the climate conditions change dramatically. Our engineering department pays attention to the requirements. Some of the parts that are more sensitive to climate change are such as seals, electronics which can be an issue. Specifically engineered for durability and precision. The latest technology feature is used in the chassis and drive technology to deliver outstanding performance in the most difficult terrain. COPMA cranes meet or exceed all international regulations and standards in materials quality, durability, and safety. COPMA provides an efficient military logistics solution to meet the logistical demands of many different missions.