By navigating the sections of this website, you have a menu navigation bar indicating different sections: CPS STEEL, CPS, COPMA, PESCI, PESCI MARINE, SALES and SERVICE. Below this bar, you will see different icons that are easy to correlate to each one of the sections above. Click on "COPMA", this will bring you to the COPMA page. Here is the direct link to the COPMA page: (We suggest you save this link in the top bookmarks of your browser so you can always easily go back to it).   Under the menu navigation bar, you 3 smaller tabs, indicating: "ESSENTIAL", "HIGH POWER", "TOP RANGE" (highlighted below with red circle). These are the categories for the COPMA knuckle booms, organized by technical features.   If you need more information on their meaning, scroll below into the same page.   The tabs "ESSENTIAL", "HIGH POWER", "TOP RANGE" indicated above are described briefly in these 3 category boxes. By clicking on the tabs "ESSENTIAL", "HIGH POWER", "TOP RANGE" (highlighted below with red circle), or by clicking on their respective button "discover models" in the category boxes, you will reach the COPMA page for the ESSENTIAL, HIGH POWER and TOP RANGE category. For example, let's select TOP RANGE, scroll down into the page and there is a more in-depth description of the TOP RANGE category.     And more below, there is a grid of all the COPMA TOP RANGE models available:   On the left, there is a "FILTER" bar (highlighted above with red circle), for selecting the lifting capacity in TONS and showing only models within that lifting capacity. As a model example, click on COPMA SPE 130 "continue" button (highlighted above with red circle).     The commercial brochure available for this specific model is now downloaded in your browser. If that does not happen, you might need to disable any kind of pop-up blocker installed as extensions in your browser. Repeat the same operations for every other model you want.