Cable Hoist vs Hook lifts

In the waste and recycling sectors, Cable Hoist machinery has been the go-to product. Hook lifts, as better evolution of cable hoist and roll-offs, improves the versatility, efficiency and the most important is the safety for the operators and general public safety on the streets
In North America when it comes to the recycling and waste market the cable hoist has been favored as the to-go product. On the other hand, the hook-lift, or hook loader has a larger international dominance compare to cable hoist and roll-off due to the compact components that allow it to work in narrow spaces.

Hooklift benefits

One of the benefits of the hook-lift is adaptability to different truck bodies which makes it very easy to be mounted and swapped.
A key factor to think about when using cable hoists is the operator has a limited quantity of containers he can pick up in a day due to the complex slow process requiring him to unload, load a container.
The operator has a very hard duty when operating a cable hoist, he has to get out of the truck and pull the cable out, hook it to the container, return to the truck then proceed to pull the container up. This process has to be done every time he picks or drops a new load, on the other hand, all this process is much easier on a hook lift, where the operator can control the load from a remote control device. A safer situation in which the operator can maneuver the load without leaving the cabin.
It's clear in this scenario that one single operator can execute multiple load cycles in a faster, CPS hook-lift systems are innovative and reliable products for heavy-duty applications engineered for the battleground and tactical scenarios yet deployed in various civilian applications.


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