Let's proceed to the "COPMA" downloads section. You can click the link above, or click on the "DOWNLOAD" button in the COPMA box of the Download Section, as described in the previous post " HOW TO ACCESS THE DOWNLOAD SECTION" :   You will enter into the COPMA downloads page, consisting of a long list (please scroll down into the page) of all available commercial brochures (pdf) for the COPMA models that are downloadable by clicking on the download  " icon " . There is no limit and no sign-in requested to download these brochures because they are made available for everyone interested in the COPMA knuckle boom cranes.     As example, let's choose COPMA 1400 and let's click on his download "icon ":   COPMA-1400.pdf is now downloaded in your web browser. If that does not happen, you might need to disable any kind of pop-up blocker installed as extensions in your browser. Repeat the same operations for every other document you want.