PESCI MARINE cranes are designed for offshore operations and can be mounted on vessels where they can operate in various situations such as loading and unloading goods. With the appropriate protection for extreme weather conditions at sea, Marine Cranes have various lifting capacities and come with standard features such as UV-resistant paint, water resistance, and seal welding that prevents corrosion.
Over the past few years, hydraulic marine cranes have gained significant traction in the global marine crane market as knuckle booms are highly reliable and have high loading capacity comparable to telescopic booms. Offshore wind turbine applications are roaring and also supporting the growth of knuckle boom marine cranes in European countries, particularly in the U.K. and Germany. Pesci Marine cranes are designed with high safety standards and looking to simplify the maneuvers for the operators.
Land lifting and marine lifting require different technologies and allow cranes to be mounted directly on vessels, thanks to the integrated subframes, in which they are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. Marine deck cranes are also used for submerging the equipment from the sea, to transport the equipment to the seabed. The current market is projected to keep growing in this decade and surely PESCI MARINE cranes will represent a solid choice for operators.

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