PESCI MARINE Servicing The Wind Farm


PESCI MARINE knuckle boom crane is providing lifting solutions designed for the wind and marine sectors. PESCI MARINE crane heavy loads and high mobility are some of the main characteristics our operators required.

PESCI MARINE cranes come in a range of capacities from 2Mt to 160Mt.


PESCI MARINE cranes experience provides lifting solutions for the wind industry. PESCI MARINE operators can rely on many years of experience in the sector of wind farming. Innovated technology has allowed cranes to have the most efficiency and maximum performance in their category.

PESCI MARINE T cranes flexibility provides operators with better handling control on their workload. PESCI MARINE T crane is designed to unload supply vessels more quickly and safely.


The T ESSENTIAL models have the lowest weight ratio for marine knuckle booms its compact size allows them to have easy access in narrow spaces. The T models have a lighter recovery operation of boats and lifeboats and small loads in a reduced range. A special coating is applied to protect the platform against corrosion.

Unlike truck-mounted cranes, knuckle boom has a customization base that can be fixed directly to the ship's bridge, either flush or raised tailored with the vessel's specification need.


PESCI MARINE knuckle boom is 100% hydraulic engineered to ensure optimum safety in the marine sector. PESCI MARINE is recognized worldwide as a top manufacturer in the marine sector. Our process ensures not only the best machines but also the best engineering technology possible.