Truck mounted grapple saw solution to disaster cleanup

Storms often result in significant damage to homes. Trees, power poles, and other elements often fall on people's homes or other valuables. When power and cell phone services are cut, it’s important to have equipment that can help the community get back up in the fastest time possible. The COPMA 650 Knuckle Boom Crane is the most competitive model on the market, with an array of added features built into the boom end (no diverter valves), making it ready for the grapple saw. The grapple saw would grab the stump, chop it up, and then the operator can remove the pieces. A Remote Control System allows the operator to operate at a safe distance, without having to use a climber. Rue Cut Tree Service, a first-year TCIA member located in Farmington, Michigan, works on storm cleanup using a COPMA 650 grapple saw truck with a Mecanil SG280 grapple saw. COPMA represents the pinnacle of innovation thanks to superior oil flow with 5/8-inch hoses running straight down to the gravel for a true 100% stability at 360 degrees.                           “As an employer, I don’t have to worry about my crews up on these houses getting hurt, getting pinched by wood, or having wood kicking back, hurting them or killing them,” Hartmann says. “The grapple saw is a one-person show. We put more crews with it because you need that to move the material and things like that, but you don’t have to. And you never have to worry about someone getting hurt. This is extremely dangerous work when you’re dealing with fallen trees, and I don’t have to worry about that because they’re not in the danger zone.”   Amazing article by