Why Knuckle Boom Cranes Are Perfect For Tree Care

COPMA cranes are ideal work tools for those who work in the Tree Care Sector and are interested in bringing it to the next level. Safety and comfort are one of COPMA features giving the operator the control of cutting and having full control of the crane booms. Hydraulic cranes with articulated booms can help decrease operator fatigue, which can cause accidents, while drastically improving speed and safety. They can be used for clearing, tree removal, and hauling operations through one single unit. Some various applications can be mounted at the end of the boom such as grapple saw, jib, and basket. The stabilizers on the crane provide stability on the truck and on the crane while ensuring its maximum safety at all times. Having the crane perfectly leveled is incredibly important during tree-removing since the tree’s weight has to be evenly distributed and allows the stability systems to help calculate the correct loads. Knuckle boom cranes are great improvements while working in the tree-care sector, the crane can reduce the risk when a tree isn’t structurally stable, perhaps infested with pests. In these hazardous conditions, trees can be extremely hazardous to climb and with a crane, the climbing work is only left to a few special moments.