COPMA 650 TOP RANGE models are becoming very popular for their lifting capacity, power, and reliability. The tough engineering design allows operators to outperform in the toughest environments while preserving an easy-to-use design that guarantees the lifting power necessary to handle heavy construction materials and complex lifting services. As a TOP RANGE crane, COPMA 650 can have the CRC 4.0 (COPMA® Remote Connectivity) is a new feature that's optional in which the operator can receive real-time diagnostics, includes parameter settings that can be adjusted. This new feature gives the ability to maximize the workload while always be connected to the crane by GPRS. This COPMA 650 is used in various applications in Norway and Sweden by with over 15 years of experience with ski lifts and, installation services that provide the best experience to service lifting stations for winter and summer mountain sports. Discover the COPMA 650 model: 650/