COPMA ® is presenting the new 140-ton knuckle boom crane.     Discover more at   The new model 1400 is now available at your local COPMA ® dealer.  With new incredible features, 1400 is an incredible piece of hydraulic technology for everyday lifting services. Discover the new flagship of CPS GROUP and the new star in the 140 Ton / Meter class of super-heavy hydraulic knuckle-boom cranes. Thanks to the combination of long-time know-how in the design and development of big loader-cranes, and the use of high-performance steel, outstanding hydraulic solutions and components, and -very important -an advanced but «easy to use» electronic crane management system, the new COPMA 1400 offers real cutting edge features compared to other models in this class. The slim design of the main boom and the new octagonal section of the second boom assembly welded on the «neutral axis» allows an exceptional performance not only on the basic crane but also on the FLY-JIB. With 7000 kg (!) (almost 15500 pounds) of lifting capacity in the upright horizontal closed position of the new Power JIB in the 8.J6 version, COPMA has dramatically «raised the bar» in the 140 Ton / Meter loader crane category. The new Power JIB 20J.6 –used in combination with 6S and 8S basic crane -is made of the highest grade steel, has a very low geometry, and together with the innovative COPMA solution to put the last 2 cylinders inside the extensions, it is the perfect equipment for typical work situations with a JIB (small, narrow openings and tight passages….). The new 1400 has a strong JIB also in the 9S version and –another alone standing feature –is the only crane in its class with up to 10 hydraulic extensions, achieving an incredible horizontal outreach of 23,75 meters (78 feet) with almost 3200 kg (7055 pounds) of lifting capacity! On the base crane extension booms, the model sports the COPMA auto-sequence solution –thanks to special inner cylinder oil passages, 100% sequence of boom-extension are guaranteed, without the use of external sequence valves which cause extension cylinders to drift upon stopping the extension movement.   The electronic crane management system allows the most advanced solutions required from the market, as:
  • cabin anticollision set by individual parameters of the encoder sensor on the rotation and minimum angles of main, second and jib arms
  • Optimized stability by proportional extension control on all stabilizers
  • Double Speed lifting cylinders thanks to electro-hydraulic regenerative system on both main and second boom’s cylinders
  • Remote connectivity to the crane, wherever it is working, with two-way communication by GPRS; COPMA is one of the first crane brands offering this innovative system that allows not only real-time diagnosis but also remote real-time parameter setting and/or adjustment.
With these and many other for the crane operator useful features, the new COPMA 1400  TOP RANGE signs an important step for CPS GROUP  into a new era of its Heavy loader cranes range and will reconfirm its recognized leadership in this important segment in the upcoming future.