Knuckle Boom Cranes: Advantages

Knuckle boom cranes: Advantages


What benefits can a knuckle boom crane bring to your job site?

Knuckle Boom cranes' structural components enable the machine to have the boom hinged in the knuckle, folding back like an articulated arm. Some of the most common uses in which Knuckle booms are mostly used are Construction, Mining, Marine, Forestry, and many more specialized sectors. The distance between the load and crane allows the knuckle to retract and expand, give the operator total and secure control in the maneuvering of the loads. COPMA cranes have been used in lifting operations for over 70 years, merging with the historical industrial equipment brand of PESCI. COPMA compact engineering design allows cranes to take as little space as possible, where operators can profit with the most space and payload available in the truck. The extra space provided by the crane compact design gives extra storage for additional loads behind the cabin.

COPMA Top Range cranes are designed to outperform heavy loads in various sectors such as Construction and Forestry. What makes a Knuckle Boom a great option is its great maneuverability that helps operators complete their task at a faster rate and the stability of the entire cran-truck system. In most advanced markets like Europe, active stability is mandatory for larger cranes yet COPMA is manufacturing essential models with full hydraulic configurations for sectors that require less sophisticated equipment. Advanced technical features give the operator the ability to complete more than one task on a day-to-day basis, and these attachments improve the functionality of the truck and can increase the lifting and moving operations in the most efficient ways. When the operator has greater control over the load there's less risk of causing accidents, which provides the safety the operator needs to successfully move toward the next job site. Knuckle Boom cranes can be equipped with remote controls which feature various controls and settings.


COPMA has recently developed an independent connectivity system, allowing the cranes to be connected remotely by the mobile network, which permits the visualization of sensor data and enables accurate real-time feedback on the crane.COPMA knuckle booms cranes are designed to maximize the visibility of the lifting activity the operator is performing.